What is the track limit with 64bit?

With 64bit what is the approx track limit for the Roon database - I am running RoonServer on a PC with 32Gb RAM.
Given it seems to be about 300,000 tracks on a 4Gb 32bit installation, can i assume that track limit is never likely to be an issue!

We don’t have a formal limit – 32 bit builds are constrained to 2gb of RAM, but 64 bit builds can use more. It will really depend on your system specs, which sound pretty solid.

How many tracks are you thinking of running with?

I think it will run to 200k… sounds like I will be fine.
I asked the question because when going down a different route I was seeing track limits fo 65k (ish) on Sonos and 100k on BlueSound.

Can confirm the numbers you’re talking about aren’t a problem. even for a 8GB machine.

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