What is this “roon client” you speak of?

What is this “roon client” you speak of? On a mac? I am running Roon Server on a mac mini. Can I run a Roon client on that same machine to control the Roon Server?

Yes. I have the core and the client software installed on my Macbook Pro.

Downloads are “Roon”, “Roon Server”, “Roon Remote”, “Roon Bridge” and “ROCK”. I am running “Roon Server”, but when I try to run “Roon” on the same machine, it seems to start its own database and not connect to the existing Roon Server.

This may be because when I first ran Roon on the machine, it was the “Roon” installation. I later installed “Roon Server”. Maybe?

I just confirmed by starting Roon and it does not show any of my zones that are defined in Roon Server…

It sounds as though it’s using the Core component in the full Roon package. Go to Settings/General, and click on the Disconnect button by the running Core. Then you should see both Cores being displayed - connect to the Roon Server Core and you should be set…

Perfect- that was the issue. Thanks for your help!

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