What is Vilvit.io?

I really did not think this topic was going to start a firestorm when it was posted…but apparently it did.

Now Roon has removed their name?


See my post above regarding removing the footer for now. It is just because there are more names to put there that won’t make people think this is some sort of Roon and MQA thing. It is not. The website hadn’t been updated since it was made just before the NY:LON event. Frankly forgotten about it since this only had four visitors before yesterday.

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Your post is what made me post…I checked into it from reading another post about MQA on…

Thanks. Chris Connaker is a good friend and I read the editorial, but I have to admit every time I go to the forum it makes me wonder where they joy of listening to music went. I’m sure it’s already become something negative by now, but the intentions are honest.

Actually, your question is the best: What the heck is it? That is exactly what we are in the process of finding out. It is very, very early days and just a mere idealistic dream for now. But given those involved, it might become something very interesting in short time.

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Well I enjoy music tremendously! Have for half a century! Roon has increased my Music pleasure and increased my listening time 10X over the old ways of listening to iTunes or some crappy Music playing software like Pure Music or JRiver…who could not carry Roon’s Jock!

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