What is wrong with my settings respond all

Hi Stephen here again. Is there anything wrong with my settings I use for DSD and PCM playback.

Hi Stephen
Are you using roon with Hqp? If so I do not think that you need anything on the input device settings

I might be wrong (as I only know on my Mac)
Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 12.41.57 AM

Which DAC do you have? You are asking 48k x512 output rate to be used always. That may not work with all DACs.

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Hi Stephen here need help with HQ player settings and Sony TA-ZH1ES Headphone amp. What settings are best or a good starting point to use in HQ Player with my sony amp.

I think this same question was in two threads and I responded to it in the other one?

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Closing this thread as a repetition of earlier thread here.

@Stephen_Pazereckas1 , please don’t open multiple threads on the same topic.