What is your favorite or most unique Bookmark?

Mine (at least for today)

My Tracks
Genre: +Jazz -Holiday
Picks only

This gives me a sampling of the (hopefully) better or at least more popular songs across albums I have added. If I had used Favorites a lot, I could do that instead of Picks. (and some of my other Bookmarks do use Favorites)

I think Bookmarks is an under-utilized feature (or maybe everyone uses it, idk)!

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Never Played


Tracks or Albums?

I assume that is a “negative” Played Anytime?

Ahh, albums. That is a negated Played In the Last / All Time

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The moment you play 1 track it falls off the BookMark. You can do the same for Tracks never played.


My wife and I use tags to indicate which albums each of us have added to the library from TIDAL. I have a bookmark called “David’s Library” that takes me to an album view with her tag negated so that I only see our local library plus my TIDAL favorites. :slight_smile:

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Bookmarks are basically how I navigate through Roon. I’ve put them in order of importance. “artist focus” is a selection of 6 artists/bands if currently focus on, meaning I plan to listen to every main album they’ve made. Rest is self-explanatory I think.


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While i have lots of Genres of music, I mostly use bookmarks in and around Jazz. I add Jazz albums based on recommendations on this forum and other places, so I have a lot of discovery within Jazz. Speaking of discovery, you can add the Roon page Discover as a bookmark!

“My original albums” are all my old “high quality mp3” :star: from the 90’s. I hang on to them for sentimental reasons more than anything else.

:star: who remembers using EAC with --alt-preset extreme on the command line! I was in some mp3 trading club, don’t remember the name. the good old days.


I like this idea. I’m going to give it a try. :+1:

I need to make a Never Played again. I had one then my database. My favorite is my Discover bookmark. Used daily.

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Nice idea for a thread, these are the type of things I am curious about. I use bookmarks a lot and these two kinds shown here are my most used. At the end of the year, I like to summarise what I really enjoyed and these help me remember that. Also they are quick ways into discovering things I have yet to listen to, or if something needs to be deleted from the library.

The second one is more focused on record labels, as Roon don’t have any separate section for those yet. For some labels where I have a lot of material, I also like to keep track of what I have yet to listen to.


Yep, I have “Unplayed Jazz” that I return to quite frequently.


I’m honored to have a thread with a rare @mike reply!! Whoa!!

Hope all is well with you and the Dev Team!


I also had a “not christmas” bookmark :slight_smile:

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There is no such thing as “most unique”. Unique means “one of a kind”. It is therefore unmodifiable. Something can’t be “most one of a kind”.

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Ha! Grammar police!

I should have said “what is your bookmark that you like, use a lot, is clever, and is unlikely to be thought of by other Roon users?” But that seemed wordy.

Where do you stand on the Oxford comma?

I’m strongly in favor of it.


Do you have any bookmarks in Roon to share?

Sorry, I’ve had so many issues in the past just keeping basic functioning going that I’m apprehensive about doing anything even slightly adventuresome.

No problem… i think Bookmarks is a pretty long term function of Roon, not sure I would call it adventuresome!!