What is your most used Bookmark?

For me it’s “Classical” which Focuses on any albums in the Classical genre. I toggle it to - to see all other albums.

It’s very rare for me to look at Albums without this Focus on (either + or -).

Mine is Unplayed + Exclude Holiday. This is my main shuffle setting.



Both often used in negated form.

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This list will make it seem like I use Bookmarks more than I do. Super powerful feature, but i frequently forget it’s there. I wish I could pin it open. I used to make wicked complex dynamic playlist in J. River!

“My Original Collection” are all “high quality” mp3 rips from 2005-2010 era. I would really like to replace them in my library with Qobuz equivalents, but there is no easy way to do that.

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Good question.

Mine is QT - it lists all Qobuz and Tidal albums by date added. So effectively the new stuff that’s not been played much, if at all yet (I usually add5-10 each Friday when the new albums come out).

I really must play a lot more of my ripped stuff - there’s so much in there that hasn’t been played at all yet.


Home is all albums by date added, where I normally live
Fav is Favorites by most played, for when I’m lazy.

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