What I've learned about Roon crashes & Notebook installation

I am posting this, as a semi-literate PC user, after experiencing numerous hassles in setting up a Roon system into a Notebook as the core. If the music library is relatively small and can be accommodated into an internal HDD of the Notebook, no problems. The hassles start with the use of external docks, some of which are very fussy about having an adequate power supply, and even more complexly occurs if USB hubs are needed. Some of these hubs can work fine for a bit but then the notebook decides not to recognise them, despite the fact they still work OK on another PC!
If the music library is large, my preference would be to avoid Notebooks and use a PC with high capacity internal drives and an SSD for programs. An NAS system rather than HDDs in docks could be much simpler, although more expensive alternative.

Roon Catastrophies

To understand the complexities of backups and restore it must be understood that the basic music files on HDD are unaltered by Roon from first download. All editing and subsequent changes to the appearance and presentation of that music library in Roon resides in the Roon program in the core. This means there are two separate entities to backup –

  1. The raw music files on HDDs
  2. The Roon program backup (contains all the editing).

Roon Crashes.

TYPE !: A simple breakdown of an HDD containing music files.

Remedy: Remove the faulty HDD after noting the name and drive letter used for it. Replace it with its cloned twin and alter the name and number of that replaced HDD to be the same as that of the removed faulty HDD. Roon should reboot without problems.

TYPE 2: The Roon program itself becomes corrupted.

Remedy: Completely remove/delete the Roon program. Deleting from the Control Panel is not enough as traces of corrupted Roon could be left behind. It is important to completely remove all traces. The re is detailed discussion of this at Roon version 1.8831 by Roon Labs LLC - How to uninstall it

This describes using Advance Uninstaller PRO which will clean out old corrupted files so another download and installation of Roon will be fine.

After installing Roon, and before logging in (VERY IMPORTANT) restore a current Roon backup. This reinserts all editing of files back into the Roon program in the core.

Then log in and link Roon to the music files on HDDs, Reinstalling the library might take many hours.

TYPE 3: A complete disaster like a fire in the PC

This will involve copying the old system onto a new PC. It is an extension on both Types 1 & 2 above and assumes there are cloned music files on HDDs and a current Roon backup… Note that to avoid Roon confusion the cloned HDDs with music files on board must have the same names and drive letters of their twins in the destroyed PC. This is important so the Roon backup sees familiar territory to reinstate. There is a full description of the process at https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/faq-how-do-i-move-my-roon-library-to-a-new-computer