What Jazz in 2019 Will Sound Like

All if these artists are interesting.
Many are difficult.
But interesting is my highest accolade.
Keeps me young.

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You forgot “important”. But then, that too means “difficult.” :slight_smile:

Nice article with a cute theme of women being the future of jazz. However he lost me after this statement: “The music is built on riffs and vamps rather than on melodies or chord structures—a concept that connects not only to hip-hop but also to Davis’s oft-maligned ’70s records.” While it’s true that “electric Miles” (as Miles’ late 1960s and early 1970s output is often labelled) was maligned at the time, time and history have passed a different judgement, as evidenced by the vast influence electric Miles has on today’s young jazz musicians.

And most importantly he failed to mention the amazing Kris Davis. Check out some of her recordings available on Tidal.