What just happened to Roon?

I just had to restart my iPad due to an internet outage, and this may have nothing to do with it, but I thought to check Roon is ok. Well, I have never experienced it to be so snappy and fast.
It came as a shock just now. Brilliant…

Interesting. Taking that at face value, maybe Roon slows down for you based on others’ usage of your local internet (neighbors…) and maybe they had not jumped back online yet?

I wouldn’t have thought my internet would make much difference to search but something has improved for me.

For me, search drastically improved with the latest release, and before that it was very slow and rebooting the core helped. I suspect there were multiple causes for the slowness and some have been remedied and others not. If it’s your internet, one assumes it will be slow again and rebooting your ipad won’t make a difference. If it does make a difference, I am back to my memory leak theory! Anyway, I’m happy you’re happy. Now you can rock out those Meridian beauties you have!

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Has there been another update? The last one did nothing for me. Perhaps they have made some changes behind the scenes?

I would agree. Much snappier for me, too. Must have been some back end change. I’m a much happier camper now!

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It’s better but no where near 1.5 speed. Still searches can take 10-15 or longer on average 3-4 . It’s still too slow imo all the competition currently beat Roon hands down for a simple search every single time.

Glad it not just me then…

Just did a search for the sex pistols about a minute. Normal rubbish service resumed.

It gets worse the more you search.

When it was slow, I noticed that too. It just hasn’t been slow for me lately. Then again, I haven’t done a lot of searching…

It’s just never consistent. But even the quick ones are not quick really compared to other software. If I could go back to 1.5 and not have Qobuz I would.

I just tested and yes it’s catastrophically slow as well. Actually I haven’t had much speed issues some of you guys reported. Usually search is instant, but occasionally I’ll get one that takes 30 seconds or more. Right now testing just because @CrystalGipsy mentioned really slow times, and it’s taking forever. Though I also noticed there’s more artwork showing up (an artist that had no artwork last night, now has artwork…I wonder if it’s slow when they’re pulling in metadata and rebuilding databases and such?

I agree it’s inconsistent. I did one search that took probably 40 seconds, then another 30 seconds to load the album (there’s only a Qobuz version, nothing on Tidal.) Then I did 3 more searches for other artists that were instant. I presume it’s a database thing…or a Qobuz thing.

My searches are still often very slow. A search for “Leonard Cohen” yesterday took about 90 seconds. “Diana Krall” today took about a minute, while yesterday it was five seconds. I’m in Canada at the moment, where I swear the problem is worse than in my other home in Brasil. In Brasil I have fewer long waits, which would seem counterintuitive if the distance to servers has anything to do with it. As is the case with others, this was not a problem with previous iterations of Room,

I live in the Netherlands with good bandwith. I have about 2000 albums and Qobuz. All my searches are near-instant.
My core is running on a wired NAS.

I suspect data throughput could be the issue.

Brian posted in another thread the other day and said they had sorted the really slow searches. Obviously not. I’m away from home so cant check mine but it had not improved before I left.

Not sure if this is relevant here, but I’ve read using Google ( or Cloudflare ( DNS may speed things up somewhat. Might be worth trying…

Makes no difference at all, I already use both.

I have gigabit internet in one location and 250 meg internet in the other. My cores and endpoints are all wired. I use both Tidal and Qobuz, and have a relatively small library on a hard drive on the core. I still get slow searches. However, they are random. What takes 90 seconds today might take only a few seconds tomorrow.

Your collection is similar to mine, but the searches are still painfully slow for me. I’m running the core on an Innuos Zenith hardwired to my network and have a 300mb internet connection, using an iPad as the controller. Before the last major software update there was no problem with search speed. I do have both Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions running.