What KEFs do you have?


While this is an off-topic question (sorry), what KEFs do you have? I’ve been thinking about getting a new desktop speaker system since I’m spending a lot more time in my bedroom-slash-office in these quarantine days and have been seriously looking at the KEF Q150s, but I don’t know much about their powered/streaming/etc. offerings.

(And yes, I said a few comments ago that I’m currently off the Roon bandwagon, but I may hop on again in the future, and it’s good to keep options open!)

I have the LS50s, I love them, they have replaced my long loved Thiel CS2.4s

The little LS50s actually sound better, I can’t believe it, of course I’m running them throuh my Devialet Expert Pro 220 with SAM turned on, there is no SAM profile for my Thiels, if so I’m sure they would be better, bummer.

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No worries. I have the KEF LS50 wireless currently. If you are thinking about a near field sort of set up look at the KEF LSX. I had those for a couple of weeks before I decided to go with the bigger siblings.

I have the LS50’s, and superb little speakers they are too.

I also have the original KEF Blades. These are a little better, but perhaps trickier to drive and accommodate. I love the Blades, but with reference to the OP, they are arguably a bad choice for desktop speakers. The LSX or LS50 actives would be excellent I think.


I have some KEF Reference 1’s, they sounds amazing, I have only had them a month or so replacing some PMC Twenty5 22’s. They were 2nd hand, and have the official stands. They are pretty big though and not a desktop solution. I am seriously impressed though with KEF, I should have taken more notice of them before.

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The current KEF Reference range is a considerable step up from the previous range, in my opinion. So quite possibly, you have actually taken notice at about the right time!

They are pretty big though and not a desktop solution.

That’s why I’ve been looking at the Q150s. Even with those, I’m probably going to have to buy a bigger desk. :slight_smile:

How big is your desk if you’ve tried Blade as desktop speakers? :rofl:

LS50s but debating something else that can fill a large room better

Two Channel system: R300s with an R400b subwoofer
Theater system: XQ30 mains with XQ50c center and XQ10 surrounds - Sorry @Ben_Hagens, but the subs are Definitive Tech…
As you can tell, I love those UniQ drivers!

Ls50’s. Never liked them that much in our living room, but love them in the basement office. Wall hung (one from a post in the middle of the room with lots of space behind it, the other in a corner) and about three feet above and five feet to each side of the computer, driven by a Naim Unitiqute. I just used inexpensive Pinnacle mounts, but put some Herbie’s grungebuster material at all points of contact between the speaker and mount. Whatever you pick, be sure to consider how to site them and some basic treatment.

LS 50s here. The brilliant detail they produce is great for my late night listening sessions.

I recently shipped my gear from the Middle East to the States.
Here in Middle East I had
L-R Blades
Center- Reference 4c
Surround- LS50
Recently purchased and not hooked up yet
R3’s for surround duty (overkill…oh well living my dream)
Atmos Duty R8A’s (4)
Bedroom LS50Ws
Gave my daughter the LS50’s !
Needless to say I love KEF…and roon and Chord Mscaler/ Dave,McIntosh


LS50 as well, driven by a low watt tube amp. It works surprisingly well.

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