What matters most when choosing a new NUC for Roon Rock?

Lots of good data that can be found on the forums, here’s a sampling. Read thoroughly you’ll find benchmarks. One important thing is to distinguish “audio processing power” (eg, when you’re running multiple zones with DSP simultaneously how much overhead you have, 14.7x vs. 3.2x etc) from “snappiness” (how quickly searches come back, screens render, yadda yadda). My feeling is single-thread performance impacts the first, but not necessarily the second. Despite the below threads I went from a perfectly high scoring 7i5 (meaning that I always had plenty of processing headroom even when using convolution filters in 3 rooms at a time) to a 10i7 and my snappiness (which is what I care about most) went way up. This is not not not my specialty, so just trying to share some more data for you to make heads or tails of as you wish.