What metadata field does Roon use to designate an album as “Live”


I’ve searched for how to mark an album as “Live”. I have multiple albums not identified by Roon. Using Yate I’ve designated each track with a “LIVE” field that Roon recongized so now the individual tracks show up with a “Live” designation. And yet the album doesn’t have a red dot. What metadata field does Roon use to designate an album as “Live”? Thx.

If you want to set multiple albums as “Live”, then you can do this in Roon using the Album Editor.

  1. Go to the Album Browser and select all the albums you want to mark as “Live” (on a PC, right-click on each album you want to include in the selection).
  2. You’ll see a new menu bar appear across the top of the Roon Window - click the Edit button.

  1. In the Album Editor, go to the Edit Albums tab and scroll down the window to reveal the “Live” setting.

  1. Select “Yes” and click the “Save” button.

Thx @Geoff_Coupe for the quick reply. Better than making individual edits to each album. Still wish we can find out what metadata field is used by Roon to mark the album as “Live”…would eliminate this step. In the meantime will use the Edit Album approach.

The definitive answer will have to come from one of the Roon Labs team, but my guess is that Roon won’t be using an ID3 metadata tag for this. Roon uses an object model, which doesn’t always easily map to the track-based approach of ID3.

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