What Motivates Us To Own So Many Recordings?

Like many on this forum I have a fairly big library although not nearly as huge as others. In my case just short of 13000 tracks and many of these in various formats Hi-Res, Flac and MP3. Many of the albums are duplicated in several formats and if I could Rip Vinyl as easy as CD’s I would probably do it. Would you believe I have just started to Rip my modest CD collection with many already stored on my Nucleus in other formats, I must be totally Bonkers :scream:. It would probably take me another lifetime to play every album in the collection.

So far I have purchased around 60 albums from Qobuz since last December. ( Why would I pay to own these titles when they can be streamed with a streaming plan ), Well like most people I suspect for some reasone just prefer to own the albums!. Damn it just remembered I ordered the " Abbey Road super deluxe release on Vinyl this morning ", Another version to sit with the others :grinning: . By the way the Wife thinks I’m bonkers but she loves me really.

This post is an observation and not in any way reflects real life!.

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Because we by nature like to protect and treasure things that please us. With a subscription, there are no guarantees, its out of your control - tomorrow it may be gone.


15k tracks here- I think about that as well- I’m ripping CDs and thinking “how many times will I listen to this rip?” Ah well, it is fun to play with your toys, I guess. Whoever has the most toys wins :laughing:

@mikeb makes a good point- I have seen many times where a title is available and is later removed without warning. Better to have those you really like in your own control.


We owe it to the artists, who give us so much pleasure, to buy their product.
Streaming pays shit compared to a purchase.
If we can afford it, which we probably can if we run Roon, we should reward the people who make our lives better.


It is the curse and promise of audiophilia. We need lots of albums to justify our purchase of lots of gear, which provokes the purchase of more albums…more gear…etc.


This is why I have made a few bookmarks that show me which albums I have not played (ever…via Roon). I am trying my best to play all my albums eventually. Also good way to uncover forgotten gems