What? No protected mode for remotes?!

Am delving into multiroom setups for Roon with core, remotes and end points and also am modifying and adapting heavily with tagging and bookmarking, and favouriting but I notice there’s NO OPTION to protect remote setups from editing?!

This seems like a no brainer, essential feature, given:

a) amount of work we are doing within Roon to tailor stuff and make it “just so”

b) the number of different core + remote setups possible

Please consider it as a priority request.

Or maybe I’m missing something and it’s been there all along?


Either that or some kind of change-log to flag us if changes have been made other than via the Core?

There are other threads about this. Users have requested “Party Mode” which is a similar idea. AFAIK, there isn’t anything like this in Roon now. It’s a good idea.

yeah i did notice party mode threads but it seemed to be restricted to not tampering with play q’s, which is hardly catastrophic :wink:

True. One “workaround” would be to backup your Roon Library before your inebriated friends show up. Then you can always restore your hard work if it’s lost. But yeah, a log would be helpful.


it’s not a pary mode I’m after. Im opening up roon to multiple users, kids, wife, etc. could be disastrous :slight_smile:

The request has been around for a couple of years now. The Roon team prioritise their development efforts, and this particular request would appear to be pretty low on the list at the moment.

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Yes, definitely. Stern warnings are in order!

Reminds me of my brother, my archetype music fan, when he had his first kid, and I showed up at his house one day and all the woofer cones on his lovely speakers were pushed in. He just shrugged his shoulders.


well, a change log shouldn’t be too hard to implement? Not a whole new UI required!

I think my main worry is with favouriting of albums and tracks. All to easy to modify these.

Ill have to rethink strategy on that!

haha kids and hifi don’t mix. I just mothballed my kit for about 5 years when our 1st born came along.

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Let’s make this a higher priority then :wink:. I’ve been supporting this for quite a while as well. I have young kids and a wife and I don’t want them to mess around with my Roon and possibly even deleting my music files. Either delete the “delete” option, or introduce a password. Shouldn’t (have to) be that hard and wouldn’t have to take years IMHO. So… a firm +1.

P.S. It’s 2018, we have loads of apps that can use Touch ID. Why even bother password protecting deletion of files and editing mode, just put in between a fingerprint check. Or explain to me why this is so hard to implement that it should take years… :wink:

P.P.S. I think it is important for the Roon team to understand that some (most?) of us took years, if not decades, to build their treasured library. With all the sharing and multi-room/zone functions comes great responsibility…