What power supply for RoPieee Raspberry

I was wondering what people were using to power their RoPiee setups? and has anyone noticed any audible difference with power changes. Better wall wort (IFI etc.) standard supply sold with the Raspberry? Batteries? Thank you.

I read that you really need a 3A version, especially if you want to run other board as DAC’s, that sort of thing. Using the NorthPada one on Amazon. I’ve not tried anything else, so can’t comment on comparisons, but satisfied so far.

File this under the category that too much is never enough. I can tell you that the Uptone Audio LPS-1 will power the Raspberry Pi, a hat, and the Pi touchscreen display with plenty of headroom. Using only one splitter cable. I use it everyday feeding USB and three different HiFiberry Digi+ pro outputs to one Gungnir MB Gen5 DAC.

However, the cost is 10x that of your Pi :slight_smile:

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I use the official pi one. No complaints here.


Official one for me too but they are just displays…for my IQAUDIO digiamp+ hat I use the iqaudio XP power 19v power brick. Drives a pair of bookshelf speakers no worries at all

Are there power supplies around with dual outputs at different voltages? e.g. 5V & 19V?
I’m using a PI3 with an Allo Boss DAC and Volt AMP currently powered by two RPi power supplies, but the Allo Volt AMP needs a power supply up to 25V.
I would consider an Sbooster kind of power supply but I don’t want to invest in 2 of them for 1 RoPieee endpoint.

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I have been using this one with my allo boss and volt, works great, dual psu 3 amps on both voltages and really low ripple etc.
Allo PSU

Intresting.I had not spottend that one.

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From another forum and another world entirely, an electronics engineer with tremendous amounts of real life experience making things that are household names and also modular synthesizers (e.g. he knows all about sound) recently went into a discussion about power supplies and the corners that are cut in making them. Apple, however always goes above and beyond (it seems to be the one company he hasn’t worked for).

So one option for a Pi+DAC Hat would be to use an easily obtainable iPad power supply. This won’t apply to anything that requires 19V or anything like that, just regular USB.

I’m going to try this power supply with my Ropieee. We will see how it works…

I replaced the stock pi psu with a 5V, 2.5A iPower unit from iFi that sounds better to me.

I’ve also upgraded to the iFi supply. An improvement, although not massive.

Try a Teddy Pardo power supply…:+1::+1:

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Second the Teddy Pardo. This is the one I got with the micro usb connector.

If you’re handy with a soldering iron, I like this kit:

Of course, you’ll also need a transformer, an aluminum case, an IEC socket, and a DC power output connector, but those are relatively easy to find (heck, you can find most of that stuff on Amazon these days). If you don’t want to drill the holes in the rear plate, you can have Front Panel Express do it for you. And you’ll end up with a nice power supply for ~$100.

Thank you for all the replys but I think I was msunderstood. I want to power the DigiOne board seperatly from the Raspberry and was wondering if the sound quality is improved by powering the two boards with seperate HQ power supplies. This forum shows how to modify the Digione board to power it with its own supply I wondered if anyone had done this and if there was any SQ improvement.

sorry wrong forum should post to DigiOne forum. Gulp.

Hi…If one wants a linear power supply, you can buy an Sbooster, Dutch brand created a special Elac Discovery linear power supply.
But I heard from reviewer that the standard Elac power supply is designed well.

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