What’s the difference between Decode only and Render and Decode


Current setup I have roon running on my Synology 1517+

The current default setup for MQA is Decode and Render. Would like to find what’s difference with Decode only.

Any Comment on the what settings produce the best sound ?

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The settings relate to the capability of a connected device.

If the setting says a device can Decode, then Roon will not software decode.

If the setting says a device can Render then Roon will preserve rendering information and pass it through intact despite any DSP in Roon (except upsampling).

If the setting says a device has no MQA capability then Roon will software decode and not preserve or transmit rendering information.

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Thanks @andybob.

I was having the thought that we are describing the capability of the Roon Server :slight_smile:

For 192/24 MQA when Roon Server is set as Render Only. Roon Server would do the first software decode when Bridge II received it, they will do perform the do the final render to 192/24.


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I don’t know for sure, but this thread on the PS Audio forum suggests that full unfolding (Rendering in MQA speak) is only possible on the Bridge II using the MConnect app.

What sort of output does the Bridge show (or input to your DAC) for 192kHz MQA files when Roon is set to Render only ?

The bridge 2 can render what has been decoded by roon.

I’ve to say they do sound different when Decode and render is done only at the bridge

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@Tong_Kiat_Chiah Which process do you prefer?

The jury is still out on this. I prefer Decode done by roon and rendering done by bridge. It give me a more intimate feeling of the singer.

While Decode and render by bridge is preferred by others. Bigger soundstage and more details.

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@Tong_Kiat_Chiah Thanks for the comparison!