What setting should I choose in Roon device's MQA capabilities options?

I am using Linn Akurate DS/1 and Hifiberry DAC2 HD with Roon.

Regarding the MQA, I know that my devices doesn’t support MQA decoding.

However I want to listen MQA music and I want to know what setting should I choice option in Roon device’s MQA capabilities options like below.

  1. No MQA Support
  2. Decoder and Renderer
  3. Decoder Only
  4. Renderer only
  5. Never

When configuring an endpoint, I’ve found that it’s best to be honest about its capabilities. Since these DACs don’t support MQA, choose “No MQA Support” for best results.

Roon’s MQA Core Decoder is enabled by default, but check under Advanced Settings for that endpoint if you’re not sure.

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thanks for your kind reply. Have a nice Friday!

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