What should I do with my SSD?

I have a NUC6i3SYH that I’ve been using to run RoonServer via Windows 10. Planning to convert, soon, to ROCK. I’ve been using the NUC for internal music file storage on a Samsung SAMZN5E500BW
500GB 850 Evo M.2 SSD. Definitely overkill for storing the database. I’m wondering if there’s a sensible way to repurpose this internal drive for the music system. I could for example buy one of these, but I’m not sure USB storage is all that useful in ROCK. (I’m just starting to wrap my brain around ROCK, but I’m thinking I want my storage to be networked, right?) Is there a sensible way to use a drive like this in a networked context?

The alternative would be to arrange new, network-attached storage and keep this drive for RoonServer+databases.



I know you posted in the other topic about enclosures, but ill answer this strategy question here…

I use a USB drive and a networked endpoint…

Your SSD in a USB3 enclosure will be a painless way for you to make use of it.

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Thanks Danny. Ever since I thought through using USB external storage exclusively, I’ve loved the idea. I tend to download new music on my laptop/remote, then transfer to the server via SMB. The server is hard-wired but the remote is wireless; the connection can be a little slow and a little dicey. With ROCK, maybe SMB will be “ROCK” solid, but if it isn’t, I have a new, simple way to add music to my library.

I’ll add another point that’s somewhat relevant to the thread, for your documentation. As I’ve learned over the last few hours, in addition to disk format (exFAT) there’s a question of “scheme”. Most hard-core Rooners probably know which scheme to choose when formatting a disk–but I had to learn the hard way. First attempts to update BIOS on my NUC failed because my newly exFAT flash drive couldn’t be read by the NUC. I had chosen GUID. Then I somehow ended up creating a tiny FAT partition … anyway, due to my ignorance/inexperience it took longer than it should have. The correct scheme choice, apparently–for versatility–is fdisk/Master Boot Record–yes? I’ll soon be reformatting my storage SSD, so please confirm. And thanks for being so responsive!

I worked pretty hard to get the authentication stuff solid and easy… login as Guest and all will just work

you can, but you will be limited to 2tb or less.

the GPT stuff is weird since it can create a fake MBR partition as well… GPT works fine with ROCK however.

OK, 2TB limit is not a problem for me at present, but good to know; I’ll format the SSD GPT, since I’ll no longer be working with Windows. I guess that point about schemes is relevant only to the flash drives and prep–updating BIOS, image file, etc.–and only if (like me) you’re multiplatform–a pretty narrow scope. And that concern will soon go away for me as well.


for the bios flashing, do MBR + FAT/VFAT/VAT32 – it might not be needed, but its guaranteed to work

OK, thanks.

Quick note to say I ended up using MBR, not GPT. Why? Because I needed to copy files from the NUC (stored internally) before turning it into a ROCK.