What size USB drive is required for Roon migration

What size USB drive is required for migration, will 8GB be okay?


My current Roon backup is only 1.21 GB of data.

Edit: With approximately 800 albums in library.

Thanks James


The space required for a Roon database backup is dependent on the number of tracks in your Roon library.

I suggest you check the size of your existing backups to determine if it will fit on what I assume is an 8GB thumb drive.

You’re right Carl its been going for 4 hours and its 71%, hope its the old mac thats slowing everything down


I have about the same so it should fit.


Yes, it’s very slow. I counterattacked that by using 7zip and made an rar-archive of the backup directionary. Copied that to my usbdrive. Speeded things up tremendously! (I tested if it worked, and it does)

@PhiloMelos yet on the new mini it took only minutes. Couldn’t seem to get a path to my old mini so I’ve put everything on a HDD.