What speakers for hypex nc1200 power amp (class d)?

Hi friends,

I have a class d hypex nc1200 power amp and I am about to move in a new house. My current speakers will go on my second system. So I am on the market for a nice pair of speakers (for a 40m2 room, 9keuros max).

I was initially looking for 4ohm and below 86db/w sensitivity speakers. For the few I tried at home, I prefered music presentation of less sensitive speaker (smoother and more consistent at low level) against more sensitive speakers. But maybe I am wrong?

Any speaker suggestion would be helpful. Thanks

Keep on the look out for a pair of Pioneer S-2EX’s, they get within touching distance of TAD’s CE-1.

I recently swapped my $AU13K Accuphase Class A, A70 stereo amplifier for a pair of March Audio NC1200’s powering my TAD CR-1’s in a similar sized room. I gained better lower end extension, and didn’t lose anything by way of musicality.

I’ve owned TAD CE-1’s, Pioneer S1-EX’s and now the TAD CR-1’s and can confirm that they drink up all the current and power you can throw at them and deliver dynamics and PRAT that simply take your breath away!

Thanks for your reply
How far from the rear wall can these two best perform?

Based on readings, I have shortlisted 3 speakers:

  • kef r7, but I am afraid that rear wall in my livin would be too close
  • revel f206 or f208, but hard to find for a listen where I live.
  • harbeth super hl5+ but I am not sure wife will stay with me if I buy those…

It is not easy to listen over here. I would be glad if you could let me know differences between these. Plus, if you think about any other option, I would be glad to have a look at it.

Have good music