What Streamers support the new Standby mode in version 1.7?

Most of my tube dacs like to see standby mode which in USB terms means off. At that time the tube and high voltage is shut off and the dac goes to sleep.

In version 1.7, the ability for standby mode exists so that if nothing is playing to an output that the streamer will put the DAC in standby mode.

Anyone know if there is a list of streamers that support this?

I know my Meridian 218 supports it

Thanks but it does not support USB.

Lumin does i believe at least for my D1 not sure if the U1 or Umini will drop the usb outputs in standby

I tested Roon Auto Sleep function to be working for Lumin products.

Generally, if I’m not mistaken, exactly what is running or not running when a device is in RAAT standby is implementation dependent.

For exactly what happens with Lumin USB output, I’ve replied to your e-mail.

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The problem with the PI is everything is USB, Ethernet, WIFI and the DAC is all coming off one single USB on the processor. So it can’t really shut down the USB port unless you do a shutdown sequence.
Plus it’s not Roon Ready which is a requirement for standby mode.

Thanks see Peter’s response below.