What to do about this snafu

I have been trying unsuccessfully to follow your instructions to migrating Roon from PC to Nucleus. This I notice this:
\nucleus\data\Storage\InternalStorage\Roon Imports\Roon Nucleas Drive

Notice Nucleus is mispelled. I must have done it but now what to do. Delete everything and start over? I can’t rename the Roon Nucleus Drive.

Hey @Jerry_Tate,

Sorry for the trouble :roll_eyes: . We’d love to help sort this out.

Could you please confirm what are you trying to accomplish? Migrating from an old Core (PC) to Nucleus involves simply restoring a backup, according to the instructions here:

Are you referring to copying music files from a storage location (which may be your PC) to Nucleus’ internal hard drive?

If that’s the case, could you try using SMB to connect to the data share and rename just the folder. Do you get a specific error message if you try to do that?

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You knida missed what the message was about:

It’s embarrassing but look at the storage location:

\nucleus\data\Storage\InternalStorage\Roon Imports\Roon Nucleas Drive

The last Nucleus is misspelled Nucleas.

What to do?
While I have you what I was doing when I discovered this was dragging from my PC Music folder to this folder and it seemed to be working.
I quit when I saw the error.