What to do with CDs once ripped...?

(Dom) #41

@MJB Thanks! Oh yes they are not going anywhere at the moment. Plus they are a colorful addition to the place.


Are those custom shelves? They look great

I also like two rows of ikea shelves on bottom for records and then cd shelving on top.

I play multichannel sacd rips but with conversion to pcm in the fly and hdmi cable.

(Christoph Longree) #43

Also decided to keep mine and integrate them into the music room :blush:

(Dom) #44

Hi, thanks! No they are simple Ikea Billy shelves with a lot of extra boards put in.


That was my guess. Looks great!

Tough to find cd shelving with that many rows high.

(Roon Dude) #46

I threw away the jewel cases (unfortunately couldn’t find a recycler who would accept them). Saved the booklets in shoe boxes and the discs in CD spindle cases. Takes up very little space.

(Reader of the Internets) #47

I use the 17L “Really Useful Box”, each of which holds about 90 CDs in jewel cases. Just ordered a couple more.

(Ralph Pantuso) #48

Years ago (I’ve been streaming audio for over 12 years) I put most of CD collection, by most I mean the ones that came in jewel cases, in these plastic sleeves sleeves . I put the disc, the booklet and the tray/back all together into the sleeve. I put these filled plastic sleeves back in the CD storage racks. The various CDs that came in cardboard cases I now use as place markers since I can no longer read the jewel case spines. Reduced my CD storage space by about two thirds. I now have access to the booklets, should I need, and even the discs themselves should my computer/Roon/network/etc no longer function. Oh and I threw away all the jewel cases.

(Darko.Audio contributor) #49

Anything you can do…

I can do half as well…

I have to say they look better in black. Mine are IKEA Besta - the 20cm depth version - although they don’t do these 192cm tall ones any more.

(Dom) #50

Looks great, having the shelves just 20 cm deep is very good. With the Ikea Billy there is a lot of extra space behind the CDs.
I must say having the CDs presented in a nice shelf makes a place look warmer and more interesting. Obviously it is all a matter of space, Even though I have probably not actually put a CD in my player for a very long time, it is nice to not only have the music around virtually.

(Darko.Audio contributor) #51


My CDs are generally for looks only as well. Although the GoldNote CD player I’ve just had in for review has caused me to think a bit - it sounded lovely.



Thermoplastic CD cases, half or less thick as the original jewel case. Kept most of the flyers. Put them in CD storage boxes, then in the storage unit I “acquired” when we downsized. I’m sure the kids will throw away after I’m gone.

(Christoph Longree) #53

Have you ever compared playback between a cd transport playing a cd and a streamer streaming a lossless rip from the same cd? How were your findings - what does it take to make the cd sound as good as its lossless rip? I know this has been discussed many times - still curious about other people’s experience though:-)

(Darko.Audio contributor) #54


I have just reviewed a £4k GoldNote CD player over at Darko Audio, and did exactly what you suggest. The CD player won. Hands down won. Which surprised me, but I can only say what I heard.

I used the DAC in the GoldNote to play the ripped file (coax in). I played both rip and CD through a Mytek Liberty as well. Obviously my findings were specific to the equipment I used.

Although …I visited dCS recently for a factory visit (article also on Darko - apologies if this is becoming an advert). Interestingly they said the Vivaldi was originlly envisaged as a disc playing system as they couldn’t get its network card sounding as good as CD. That’s now changed with subsequent software releases, but I think it shows that there’s life in CD yet.

The real irony is that CD sounded more analogue than streaming :rofl:

(Darko.Audio contributor) #55

For completeness, the endpoint was an Allo Digione. So good but not the best.

I still have the GoldNote as I’m getting a dCS Bridge in soon and am hoping to be able to repeat the test with that in the system. May or may not happen depending on timing

(Christoph Longree) #56

Amazing :slight_smile:

(Michael France) #57

If you have a good streamer, and you are using the same dac, they sound the same. I couldn’t verify this until I replaced one of my Squeezebox Touches with a Simaudio Mind 2. Now I have no use for the CDs, and 3 other SBT’s I can’t wait to replace. I’ll probably just keep the Cds though, they look good on the wall.

(Christoph Longree) #58

I actually use the Autalic Aries G2 streamer and I even find it superior to my previous McIntosh CDP. But all in all I think the differences are minimal at best… and if there are differences the question is „objectively better or better 4 my personal tastes“…

(Ralph Pantuso) #59

That says it all.

(Darko.Audio contributor) #60


I’m not sure I agree with you, I’m hearing of others whose experience is the same as mine. Stress not sure though, as the DigiOne I used is good but not a top level streamer.

Hopefully I’ll be able to give a more definitive answer soon if I can get the timing to work out. I’m due a Roon Bridge in for review, and have so far managed to hang on to the GoldNote CD player. The GN has a coax out, as does the Bridge. So both can go into the same DAC. Or I can play the Bridge through the GoldNote’s coax input. Whichever, I’ll be eliminating most variables.

Fingers crossed the timing works out, I’m keen to see what the outcome is.