What to expect from the dCS partnership?

Is there any information what we can expect from the integration with dCS?

I’m currently using an Aurender S10 server connected to a PS Audio DSD Dac, but am not at all happy with the Aurender control app (and the slooow development of it), but would really love to see a high end audio solution built around Roon. Why not Roon core running on an Aurender (or similar audio grade server platform) connected to a high-end dac-solution like dCS Vivaldi or Rossini?

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Interesting. I actually listened to an Aurender W20 last weekend and was very impressed with the sound quality, the thing was mesmerising. As to Roon integration though, all very quiet.

My understanding is that next month, dCS will be releasing a HW and SW upgrade for the Vivaldi Upsampler that will make it RoonReady to function as a Roon Endpoint. You will still need Roon Server running on something. I’ve heard that Roon is working with the major NAS players to get a version of Roon Server that will run on QNAP and other NAS, similar to how Minimserver runs currently. With these two solutions, you could have a computer free audio environment.