What to replace Squeezebox Touch with?

This will apply to all endpoints that use RAAT. Not so with HQPlayer together with a Rendu as one example.

Time to work on your reading and comprehension. I specifically said “Plug and play, no DIY”. It is light years ahead of any squeezebox device I’ve had and I loved them.

Maybe it is just because I’ve not had my second cup of coffee, but you seem intent on knocking down every solution people propose. We are all tying to help you. Act accordingly. Good luck on your quest.

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Whoa, easy there. What I meant by DIY was that it looks like it was made by some guy in his garage, that’s all. Plus $849 is way above my range, which I made clear in my original post in which I asked for something in the sub-$500 range. And you knock me for reading comprehension?

can you use EDO with an Audioquest Dragonfly? the latter is so small, it’s still effectively a one box solution.

You have a link for the EDO? Sorry, I’m still a noob at this.

Thanks for the link. It sounds like I’m stuck using long discontinued technology. Although I find it a little hard to believe that I’m the only Roon user with their system stuck away in a closet. Oh, well. Off to EBay I guess to see what I can find.

Enhanced Digital Output. turns the Touch’s USB into a USB audio output:

Ahh ok gotcha. Thanks very much. But this still means that I continue to use the Touch and hope it doesn’t die. :frowning:

Looks like we’re in the same boat. :frowning:

The Touch is a very good device. Ahead of its time.
As said. The Uptone LPS power supply will raise SQ.
I use it myself. As well as several Boom and radios.

Actually, the Volumio OS for RPi does successfully pass MQA for those not using Roon’s RAAT. Inside the Roon ecosystem, options other than Ropieee include DietPi.

Actually, the Volumio OS for RPi does successfully pass MQA for those not using Roon’s RAAT. Inside the Roon ecosystem, options other than Ropieee include DietPi.

I meant that using an external USB DAC was the only option for full MQA — AFAIK there are no RPI HATs that support a final MQA unfold. Not that Ropieee was the only OS that could pass MQA onto a DAC for the final unfold.

Ah, now I get your meaning. And agree.

The OP’s desire for MQA rules out any new implementation of LMS via RPi Squeezebox whether it uses a HAT or USB DAC.

But without the packaging, software, support costs and everything else required to bring a finished product to market.
I think the reality is the Touch was ahead of its time and maybe too cheap?

It turns out Roon CAN control the volume on a ‘Rendu and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. Instead of using the ‘Rendu as a Roon Ready device, use it with Squeezelite instead. Roon sees it as a Squeezebox and allows Device Volume as it would a real Squeezebox. As I have an extra microRendu on hand that takes care of my problem. It was your comment about RAAT that got me on the right track, so thanks.

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So I have replaced two of my SB Touchs with O2 jogglers bought from ebay and reflashed with Squeezeplay (from here: https://birdslikewires.net/squeezeplay ). There is a whole forum around the Joggler (https://www.jogglerwiki.com/forum/). I picked mine up for around £20 each from eBay. The 7 inch touch screen is better than the Touch. The whole process is pretty straight forward and there is plenty of online help. You can install the enhanced digital output and use the USB out from the joggler too. SQ doing this is (to my ears) near identical to the Touch.

What vintage are Jogglers? I don’t remember them being that much younger than a Touch.

I think they are pretty old 2012 they first came out. I got one off eBay to make a Squeezebox for my daughter a few years before I got Roon which is nearly 4 years ago and it felt old outdated then. It didn’t last long before it just packed up. It was never as fluid to use as the Touch. I miss my Touch loved it but sadly a misplaced power cable put an end to it. :frowning: and I moved on to a Pi with Squeezelite to replace it for a while until I went Roon then it was Ropieee then my Atom. Now Ropieees for most of the rest of my zones. Shame Logitech ditched it they where great hardware, my Radios still going strong, although I had to replace the battery pack.

Touch compatible power supplies are readily available, and not expensive.

Thats not what I meant with misplaced. When I wa rearranging my rack at the time, I accidently plugged in the DACS PSU to it and it fried it. I had one of our electronics guys t work look at it and it was beyond repairing easily or cost effectivley.

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