What to use for my Core

I’m new to Roon. Currently on a trial but intending on buying an annual subscription. I currently have my Roon Core on my macbook pro. What would be a good and fairly cheap alternative? I would like to be able to use my iphone and macbook as endpoints. I mainly use Tidal to listen to music, but would potentially add other files that I would purchase. Also, would it be possible to access my library outside of my home wifi network (like while I’m at work?)

What sort of budget? Are you comfortable assembling components and installing software? If so, how about …



Not at this moment. Although, Roon has discussed a “mobile” version as part of their vision.

Just bought an Apple Mac Mini open box from Bestbuy for $370. Runs like a champ with Roon and Tidal. Set it up to run with no monitor, auto login on restart, and remote management from my Macbook Air.

I just did this. For core I went with:

  • Intel NUC7 w/the i5 processor
  • 8 Gigs RAM
  • 2 Tb 7200 spinning disk for music and only music (started with 1 Tb but wasn’t enough)
  • 256 Gig NVMe SSD for OS (Win10 Pro) and Software
    (Full Roon & ripping software: dBpoweramp & PerfectTUNES both from Illustrate, and DVD Audio Extractor to rip DVD-Audio disks) … tho I could have got by with 64 Gigs.

It’s only 4.5x4.5x2 inches in size. Absolutely in love with it. I split my time living between NYC and long island in 1 - 4 week intervals. I pick the thing up put it in a travel container (or original box) and it travels with me! Tho take some time in the bios to change the default fan setting from Fixed to quiet or a Custom setting if it’s not in a closet.

I’m so excited to finish ripping the 5 or 600 disks I have, setting up affordable bridges everywhere, and complete a ‘whole home’ audio systems in two homes. I’m doing a ‘hard sell’ (I do everything for free) on a friend who I setup with systems inside and outsideto buy in to this (dual 10" weather resistant subwoofer outside under a protective overhang, so that system sounds pretty awesome -lol).