What versions are available to everyone?

My Settings About tells me that I have version 1228 Early Access and that I have the latest version installed. But there seems to be a version 1234 somewhere, why is it not available to me? I do have Ask Before Downloading Updates checked buit I haven’t been asked to download anything. roon seems to have confused everything with Beta, EarlyAccess and Production versions so how does one know what version they should have and why do some people - who pay the same amount as I do - get better access?

If you’re on Early Access, you can use the latest Early Access version. If you’re on Production, you can use the latest Production version. All (except hotfixes, maybe) Production versions were Early Access first. Roon has confused nothing.

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If you have early access versions, you opted into early access to help with testing. If you don’t want that, revert to production.

The production update 1234 was quickly pushed out to help regular users, who use the normal production builds, because there was a problem. I suppose if there are priority conflicts, production users get higher priority because early access users accepted that they can live with problems by opting into early access testing. (At least that’s how I would do it because agreeing to testing early access releases means necessarily that there can be problems).

Except in the event of such unexpected problems, all new releases first go through early access for testing, before they are released to the production updates for the general user population.

Every user is free to choose either, it has nothing to do with what you pay. Choose wisely depending on what you want.

The early access program and how to join and leave it are described here:


We want everything, everywhere and all at once… No wonder Roon gets confused…


The equivalent fixes as in 1234 were now released as 1235 for earlyaccess users:


And still my earlyaccess (I stress that) is at 1228 and says I have the latest version. To be truthful it doesn’t seem to matter as roon and arc are working together just fine. But I suspect that some day when 1556 is available and I still have 1228 it will matter.

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Are you using Windows? From the release notes I linked above:

The delay in pushing these fixes to Early Access has to do with an issue with the .NET6 implementation on Windows breaking automatic updates. While we are working to fix this problem we do not yet have the final work complete and through QA. Rather than hold up everyone we are releasing with the following caveat for those with cores or remotes on Windows:

  • Your windows core or remote WILL NOT update automatically from the server nor will you be presented with an update prompt in Roon
  • To take this update you will need to download the installer from the links provided below and reinstall on top of your existing intallation
    • You do not need to do anything else here – just download the installer from this link and install it manually

We plan to issue another Early Access build on Monday (on our usual schedule) and it is possible that we won’t have this update issue corrected by then. If that’s the case then that update will need to be installed in a similar way and we will provide links and instructions at that time.

In any case, if you suspect that you have problem with earlyaccess builds or the earlyaccess update process, you should post in #early-access as described in the early access help notes (as linked further up)


My builds on my server say the same. 1235 and 1228 for the Windows remotes.


If you’re running Roon on Windows, you need to download and install manually per the instructions as posted above. Or, you can stay where you are until Roon issues another update next week.

If you’re going to be on Early Access, you really need to read the Roon Labs postings in the Early Access Category.

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Do we need a reading ability test for joining early access? How many times do you want me to post it?


If you want peace of mind why select Early Access it’s bound to be potentially buggy by definition, it’s still under testing