What we are listening to [2018]

(Peter) #7591

(simon arnold) #7592

Timeless, never gets old.


(Gerald Richardson) #7594


(Sean) #7595

Classic 80’s Rock 'n Soul.


(Michael Fanning) #7596

This is a bit of a cheat because I am NOT listening to this album… but I’d like to (it’s not on Tidal)! Back story: Srajan Ebaen on 6 Moons reviews this disc because, as he says, Tony Minasian “had the temerity to record to lame 16-bit to 44.1kHz at a whopping 50dB of dynamic range with none of the usual mastering shenanigans. The result? Proof positive that Redbook is capable of infinitely more than what the vast majority of ‘be loud, be proud’ recordings demonstrate with their dull dynamic compression.”

At the end of the day, whether it’s CD, hi-rez or MQA, it’s all about the recording quality, isn’t it?

Link here to the article.

(Tony) #7597

Well I’m cheating too as I’m at work, but after reading this old article about Jimi over lunch, I just want to fire up Spotify. I wouldn’t argue with the list, but would have included Castles Made Of Sand… The description of Johnny B Goode (live) at number 9 brought a big smile to my face, as it is spot on.


(Chris ) #7599

This is a great test track for your systems. Amazing in MQA

(Martin Webster) #7600


(Wim) #7601

(John ) #7602

(Chris ) #7603

Love early Fleetwood Mac… all downhill from there I’m afraid…





(Gerald Richardson) #7606


(Michael Fanning) #7607

@Martin_Webster Just listening to this album on my newly installed Nucleus. Quite nice, thanks!

(John ) #7608

I agree 100%, when Peter Green left different band.

(Chris ) #7609

I just saw an article on this by BBC News with Johnny Walker ant the guy who produced it. This prompted a listen and wow… MQA put to good use here…

The album was made with the support of Buddy’s widow and family and is the kind of thing they believe he would have wanted to do if still alive.

(Sean) #7610