What we are listening to [2018]

(Geoff Coupe) #7611

Try this - piano transcriptions of the songs…

(Sean) #7612

New Coldplay. Love it.


(Daniel Beyer) #7613

(Michael Fanning) #7614

@Geoff_Coupe I’ll give it a whirl later today. May be more palatable! :laughing:

(Dick Vliek) #7615

(Daniel Beyer) #7616

Early 2000s NW new wave revival



(Gerald Richardson) #7618


(Daniel Beyer) #7619

(Wim) #7620

Currently my favourite album. :sunglasses:

(Chris ) #7621

(Michael Fanning) #7622

'Cause it’s the holiday season and I was already tired of the standard stuff…

(Chris ) #7623

Thanks, I’ll check it out for nearer the time.

(Gerald Richardson) #7624


(Gerald Richardson) #7625

First heard this group on the Tonight Show the other day.

(Gerald Richardson) #7626

Just found out that today (11/28/2018) is Randy’s birthday (b. 1943).


Hi Chris,

yeah, let’s concentrate on the most important thing – the playback format.:joy:

Why listen to music if we can listen to MQA? …:grin:

(All said in good fun, of course).

(Chris ) #7628

All in jest indeed… I was listening to this as I read Bob Stuart was enjoying it.

I have to say it sounds sublime…

Then this morning I played some of this.

Untill SWMBO said, “Mske it stop, it’s too early, I don’t need a Christmas ear worm this early”.

The sublime to the ridiculas all in MQA :joy:

(Sean) #7629

Will, he was just sharing his phone/desktop wallpaper photo. And life sized poster on the ceiling above his bed etc…

Just kidding around Chris @Chrislayeruk

Glad to read you’re in audio nirvana with the new purchase. That’s always fun to hear about.

Life is short. Crank that sh!t loud and enjoy :sunglasses:


Many a true word is spoken in jest… Congrats on your new speakers.