What we are listening to [2018]

(Nicolas Loupia) #7631

This is a great album to enjoy in a calm mood, but also to reveal the strengths of your audio system.

(Chris ) #7632

The wonderful Isaac Guillory has been bought back to life by my new speakers… He was the best acoustic guitarist I ever witnessed, many times thankfully

(Daniel Beyer) #7633


Love the harmonics bookending A Whiter Shade of Pale :slight_smile: .

(Chris ) #7635

Oooohhh yes… He was an amazing performance, nearly all his albums are live takes.


Could easily be a high ranking entry in the worst album covers of all time.

(Chris ) #7637

From the lovely Elles Bailey, I’ve just played ‘Girl Who Owned The Blues’ her tribute to Janis Joplin and the mix on this CD is amazing with my new speakers.
Having seen Elles play live many times and hosted her twice with LRB you might say I am biased, but I am not.

(Robert ) #7638


(Gerald Richardson) #7639

Thanks for the tip, sounds great!

(Dick Vliek) #7640

(Dick Vliek) #7641




Great concert! I saw it live (in April this year)…

Porter performed with his trusted jazz trio and a full 70-piece symphony orchestra, led by conductor and arranger Vince Mendoza. Recorded live for this release, the concert included songs from the artist’s recent album ‘Nat King Cole & Me’, as well as favourites such as ‘Hey Laura’, ‘When Love Was King’ and the concluding ‘Don’t Lose Your Steam’…


A fantastic listen! The cover looks like it may’ve been inspired by a Turner painting…

(Sean) #7646


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(Daniel Beyer) #7648

Nothing beats the HSAS version of that song. :wink:


Currently listening to Foy Vance. New to me, appeals to my head, heart and soul, great singer songwriter / musician from Northern Ireland. MQA 44k The Wild Swan is wonderful, but for the real deal listen to “Live at Bangor Abbey” and “Live in London” albums.

(Peter) #7650



This is indeed a fine album. Thanks for the tip!