What we are listening to [2018]


Grant Green‘s concerts held in 1969 in Paris and Antibes, being buried in archives fo almost forty years. A revelation!

(Ben D) #7653


24/192, free of any MQA pollutants :wink:

(Kees van der Wal) #7654


(Martin Webster) #7655

Listening up to the bell … this is an Aimee Mann tour de force. Wonderful film too.

(Peter) #7656

(Martin Webster) #7657

(Kevin Ketterle) #7658

Or this one. My favorite.

(Kevin Ketterle) #7659

(Mark Edwards) #7660

Really on an Angus & Julia Stone trip at the moment, first listen to Angus’ solo album.

(Chris ) #7661

Just seen Jeffrey Martin at The Coggeshall Vinyard, front seats too… anyway, if you want introspective and desolate, this is for you.

He is a great performer, tells good tales between and with songs. Just one man and a guitar at this gig.


Album: Les ballades de Monsieur Brassons
Artists: Les Lunaisiens & Arnaud Marzorati
Label: Muso
Release: 2018


(John ) #7663



(John ) #7665

This should take all weekend.


Album: A New Cycle
Artists: Sepalot Quartet
Label: Eskapaden Musik
Release: 2018


(Chris ) #7667

50 years of Astral Weeks. There was a nice piece on BBC news this morning from Belfast.


you didn’t offer to run his soundboard through mqa encoding during the performance?

(Chris ) #7669

If I had one, I’d love to here it… That would be interesting indeed.

(Chris ) #7670

(Ian) #7671

Mazzy Star “Among My Swan”