What we are listening to [2018]


(Andrew Cox) #7693




(Wim) #7697

(John ) #7699

Great Album, Check out 3 cd import “Wrays Three Track Shack” . Why isn’t Link Wray in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?51cb3mmGEcL


One of my first CD’s, one of my favorites! Nice memories.




(Kevin) #7703

Qobuz wins this round - doesn’t appear that this is on Tidal in the US. Nor is it available as anything other than a lossy download. Looks like I need to order the CD from the U.K.?

(Sean) #7704

Time to kick off a Tears For Fears binge session.

Epic production. Crank it loud.


(Mikael Ollars) #7705

I didn’t realize that. I just loved the album, it feels fresh and creative. Recommended!

(Steve) #7706

(Sean) #7707

Steve Wilson’s work is just top notch (as usual) on this classic.


(Andrew Cox) #7708


This recommendation deserves more likes IMHO…:grinning:




It is a recommendation coming from heart. Claudio Abbado is a fine human soul and he was a great conductor.
One of my favorites.
I bought the Vinyl edition and got the free HD download as a surprise.

(Martin Webster) #7712

Perhaps he wasn’t prepared to compromise and do what the labels wanted? I hadn’t listened to this album before, yet his influence is clear. What a lovely find!

Just ordered a copy of Three Track Shack.