What we are listening to [2018]

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Feeling a bit down and dirty today


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I’ve loved all incarnations of Fleetwood Mac from their very first album to their last, with two exceptions - the abominations they released without Lindsey, Behind the Mask and Time. Gutted they saw fit to continue without him again after he rescued them from mediocrity.

They should be honest and tour as Fleetwood Crap. No way I’d pay a dime to see them without Lindsey in the mix. Saw Stevie last year at Hyde Park and she sounded terrible, not even the late Tom Petty (RIP) could rescue her.

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NEW 2018 release which is also on Tidal. The MQA version of this album is the best mix I have ever heard. Led Zep shines here!



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Love this album, it works ike a proper album although it’s a compilation.

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My least listened to pre-80s Mac album. I’d actually just started to listen again for the past 2 days and have been addicted to “Mission Bell”. It sounded so much like 80s shoe gaze (minus the feedback) mixed with Roy Orbison I did a double take.




Nice pick! I have it in my library, too.





Perhaps Clapton wasn’t quite as godly as some thought…


Back to FM…

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