What we are listening to [2018]

(Sean) #7753

Nice. This reminded me that I haven’t cranked this classic for a while:


(Robert ) #7754

Tonight has been On Air, Pyramid, Tales of Mystery and Imagination (so far). I Robot, Gaudi, The Time Machine, The Turn of a Friendly Card & Eye In the Sky. I have an original West Germany CD of Edgar Allan Poe that I bought when CDs first came out. Remember it cost me a bunch (in the mid 80s). This album was slow to production in the US.

i have Eye in the Sky on DVD HDAD 24/192

There were three releases on HDAD hi-res. Eye in the Sky, Turn of a Friendly Card, and I Robot.

(Andrew Cox) #7755

(Chris ) #7756

(Chris ) #7757

We have some Creedance in MQA… yay…

(Kees van der Wal) #7758

(Kees van der Wal) #7759

(Peter) #7760



Shuffling makes this Box Set accessible… :wink:





… that will be the end of the shuffle, I suppose.

(Mark Edwards) #7764

Another one I will have to check out thanks Andy, Flood and Alan Moulder have produced and mixed some of my favourite artists throughout their career. (Look no pictures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)



(JC) #7766

loving it, and i’m not a hardcore jazz follower. what a pairing here.



(Sean) #7768


(Chris ) #7769

I played a nice trick on SWMBO this morning. She was happily, on her own, watching the morning news on TV over breakfast when this came on…lol all 8 seconds of it.

(Chris ) #7770

This original mix in MQA will surely test your system, especially the Cymbals and percussions

It sounds incredible here.

This track is unavailable in Roon on the 2014 remix…

(Andrew Cox) #7771


Hard to go wrong with anything by Ben Webster but this one is one my favs. Cheers!