What we are listening to [2018]

(Paul Bolam) #7793


(Ben D) #7794


(Derek Wyman) #7795

(Chris ) #7796

:joy:One day and in a perfect world… This needs white Glove treatment :joy:

(Chris ) #7797

It’s great this is out and I haven’t listened to it all but some of the mix bothers me. It may be it is the best they could do technically due to recording levels on the day. Vocals sound nice though…


(John B) #7799


Roon, the gift that keeps on giving, I’m busy doin’ the funky :rooster:.

Wonderful “discovery”. Will enjoy a full back catalogue excavation.


(Daniel Beyer) #7800


(John B) #7801


Pete Shelley, a sad loss. RIP.


(Sean) #7802

Just out today. Looking forward to getting the Blu-ray release.



Album: Short Stories for Dreamers
Artist: Jesper Bodilsen
Label: Stunt Records
Release: 2009


(Henri Serton) #7804

""And I hate modern music
Disco boogie and pop
They go on an’ on an’ on an’ on an’ on…””

RIP Pete Shelley



Just listening to this…
Really love this album!


(Chris ) #7806

Good spot, sounds great on the opener… MQA also… :sunglasses:

(Chris ) #7807

There was an interview with Richard Carpenter on the TV about the new Album with The Royale Phillarmonic Orchestra So today I gave it a play. 192 MQA sounds very impressive. It’s on Tidal now.

(Mikael Ollars) #7808

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(Peter Hafkamp) #7809

I wanted to post it , but you beat me.
It’s a great album, going to buy the vinyl version tomorrow.

(jeff kalina) #7810

Good Question. Are we hearing:

  1. Hi Rez and Low Rez, if so how does one know?

  2. Hi Rez only so the quantity available is far less

  3. Tidal ain’t gonna say either way

(Chris ) #7811

Behave, I am just stating a fact. If it was MP3 I’d say so …


Well, it’s more or less the same