What we are listening to [2018]

(Chris ) #7995

Found that on Tidal, I’ll give it a spin.

(Wim) #7996





And year after year it rings out at Christmastime: Nils Landgren’s ‘Christmas With My Friends’ ensemble is a loyal companion for the most wonderful time of the year. The fourth edition presents, yet again, a diverse selection of international, Swedish, traditional and modern carols and atmospheric secular popular songs, with the familiar hushed and intimate mood we have come to know and love.

What makes the ‘Christmas With My Friends’ interpretations so unique? Most of all the fact that the people who have joined up to make them are not only congenial musicians, but also true friends of many years, who love to make music together. You can feel the harmony and connection of the group in the results. ‘Christmas With My Friends’ is teamwork, not a one man show.

(John ) #7999


(Ian) #8000

GoGo Penguin “A Humdrum Star”




… a 1986 Hyperion release.

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(SoulEye) #8003

My #1 favorite piano jazz trio
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Britten again. Also a Hyperion release (2010).



(Patrick) #8006

dunno why, but here i am, and i still love it

(John ) #8007

(Patrick) #8008

agree. technical but anodyne, and not just with bach, with almost everything. would suggest fournier, starker or suzuki as instant antidotes. and whilst we’re on the subject of the cello suites, i challenge anyone to give the gavriel lipkind reading a listen and not walk away with half a thought of abandoning music altogether

(Anders Vinberg) #8009

Dhafer Youssef: Fabulous.
Didn’t really know him, had a few albums (and several appearances with others) but hadn’t really appreciated him.

I accidentally had the headphones set way too loud last night, that probably contributed to the appreciation.

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It usually does.:joy:



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