What we are listening to [2018]

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Thank you all for participating in the [2018] thread and thankyou @Sloop_John_B for the first such thread and @Carl for organising them by year. You can find previous years threads in the Music category (historians of the future will thank us all).

This one will be retired with the New Year and a shiny, fresh new thread opened. No prizes for guessing what it will be called.

These threads continue to be one of the most popular parts of the Forum, and, I hope, encourage the devs to consider how Roon might better assist users share their musical discoveries.

I’ve gotten so many good tips from these threads, and this year even resisted posting Bucks Fizz (you’re welcome @joel).

See you all on the other side !

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I used to love Jethro Tull in my youth, lo these many years ago. Even heard them live in Stockholm. But I had lost interest, as we do.

Then @James_I mentioned the Steven Wilson remasters:

and I found I had a few, through Tidal, that I hadn’t really listen to. James is right, it is a revelation:

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My camera, my camera, my camera never lies
Lies oh, oh, oh, oh

Couldn’t resist :laughing:

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As much as I loved the old christic bootlegs, this takes the shows to an entire different level. Cut out the lights and turn it up!

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One last “new favourite” album from me for 2018, discovered playing in a bookshop in Cambridge earlier this week!

All the best for 2019 everyone.

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One of my all time favs, The ting ting ting and organ on “By the time I get to Phoenix” is always a 18 mins in a dark room session, just perfect.

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McCraven keeps showing up in lists of the new jazz stars.
Deservedly so.

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What can I say about Hamilton?
Changed everything.

It is difficult to follow the scintillating work by sound alone…

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I’m more a Land of Make Believe kind of guy.


Album: Playfull
Artist: Erlend Skomsvoll
Label: Jazzland
Release: 2018


… and for 2019: let’s have all a happy new thread! :slight_smile:


Fantastic album! I just downloaded the HighRes version from Qobuz. It’s a joy to listen to!


IMO Elling is one of the greatest singers alive. Fantastic album.


For me it is THE Chick Corea album!


Not really my thing. Great drumming, though.

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