What we are listening to [2021-01 to 2021-03]

Oh…I must sometimes take it for granted… :upside_down_face:

Great to hear it’s new for you. :sunglasses: Cheers.

I would suggest CAN is essential listening, although Tago Mago isn’t such an easy listen. Perhaps a better starting place would be:
Ege Bamyasi
Future Days

All typically seen as 10/10 (or very high) rated albums.

Similarly, I think NEU are essentail. You could try either the album posted (usually considered their classic or NEU '75).

As per my post, I’m still currently listening to Faust IV as the last posted. Really enjoying it, again I’d be inclined to try the above as Faust as a bit more eclectic.

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This is excellent.

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If I look in a back cupboard well enough, I will find the tour ‘magazine’ from that concert. It’s not in storage where so much of my ‘stuff’ still lives moving to the far North. It had to travel with me. I had it signed by Tina & Jerry. What a groupie I was in high school. :rofl:


I found one of the two albums you suggested, and I found the other two albums from Live in Boston, now to Q all these up, Tks for the suggestion

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After a full morning of Krautrock (as per above)…to reference James Brown
Gotta make it funky now”.

Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers
Bustin’ Loose (1979)

Chuck Brown

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Review: A Mozart postscript from Rachel Podger | Presto Classical




Glad you like it it’s hard to define it with one genre. It does sound great in cans was how I was listening to it. Its on my list to buy for my next Bandcamp bonanza.

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Various Artists
True Detective(2015)

  • Henry Burnett Roseanne Cash Lera Lynn
    Leonard Cohen
    Lera Lynn
    John Paul White
    Bob Dylan
    Bonnie ‘Prine’ Billy
    Nick Cave/Warren Ellis
    Cassandra Williams
    And more

This is a solid set of mostly ‘dark’ Americana & barroom tracks from the tv series that I don’t recall at all. Sometimes it’s just ‘nice’ to have a pre-made mix ready to go!

True Detective

After playing True Detective I gravitated to Lera, given there are 5 of her tracks on it.

True Detective may have raised Lera Lynn’s profile but it did her no favors. She was shackled to a stage in a gloomy room, singing dirges to an audience consisting of Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, a barroom purgatory that suggested Lynn only existed in a sludgy solitude. (allmusic)

The above review is taken from her follow up album Resistor. However, I thought it apt here. I feel this is a better album than Resistor also & the pick of the 3 I have. Clearly, not well enough known for allmusic to have a review of this album.

For fans of perhaps Cowboy Junkies, Gillian Welch (no sublime David Rawlings acoustics), Lucinda William (not as ‘rocky’) etc. She seems to tread the line across a number of genres, without settling firmly in any.

Lera Lynn
The Avenues(2014)



Hi Nostro,

yes, we both have a lot of overlap in taste.
I’ve seen all of the members of CAN live several times, but unfortunately never as a complete CAN, but with other bands and projects.
Jaki Liebezeit was the most magical drummer for me.
Damo Suzuki also played a half-hour version of Halleluwah at the concerts with Jaki Liebezeit on drums. Those were magical moments for me.
The craziest thing was probably a video performance with Holger Czukay, completely wacky.



I can also recommend Julian Cope’s book for a good overview of Krautrock.

Krautrock sampler




If I think of drummers he is likely the first that comes into my mind. I spent years transfixed to his rhythmical drumming style in my teens-early 20’s & Can generally. And usually, the drums are not what I focus on, so much so, that I think so many albums can do without them altogether; just hitting the high hats endlessly for no reason. :rofl:

You are very lucky to have seen all members (Malcolm Mooney?) play live. Alas, out here I’ve never had the opportunity. However, I do think Jaki toured and roughly 12 or so years again Malcolm did some solo tours.

For such a diverse set of individuals & highly talented musicians, their diversity & groundbreaking albums are particularly unique - they’ve influenced so many!



Thank you - I don’t own that book even though I know it. Funnily enough, I think I have a closer affinity to Julian’s music ‘journalism’ than the bulk of his music (even though I do like a fair slab of his music).

Cheers for this, I had forgotten it. I used to have the vinyl back in the day…

You’re welcome Chris. She’s good, isn’t she?

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One of my favourite composers and favourite artists. Released yesterday and will get lots of playing here. :slight_smile:


you do right :wink:
I saw everyone except Malcolm Mooney.
Czukay, Karoli and Irmin Schmidt only once, but Jaki Liebezeit more often with Damo Suzuki Band, Club off chaos and once with Burnt Friedman (they lived in the same house in Cologne)


Superb, absolutely superb. The link also led me to Long John Baldry so lots ot catching up to do.