What we are listening to [ METAL ]

Good morning, boys,

I thought of opening this detached page dedicated only to the world of METAL.
I would like to know your tastes and also discover some bands that I don’t know :slight_smile:

I’d like to try to create something different from the usual “copy/paste”, I’d like to know why you like that particular band or song, I’d like each of you to write while listening to the artist in order to amplify your emotions.

Let’s start with me:


If you don’t know them, I recommend this album, it’s for me the climax of the musical orgasm. Close your eyes, listen and travel with your imagination.
I’ve known Nightwish since their first album and I’ve been to their concerts several times. I love them, I love the new singer (they managed to catch a person in extremis, and what a talent!).

Guys, next up

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Which Nightwish album is this, no image is showing up in your post on my end!?

A band that you might want to give a listen to, if you are not familiar with already is Unleash the Archers. Try their most recent release and work backwards from there.

Decades : https://listen.tidal.com/album/85187709

Apex Unleash The Archers
Thank you! I will gladly listen to it during this weekend, I don’t know the band but I am confident :slight_smile:

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