What would you do if you worked at Roon?

Hello there

If you worked at Roon, what would you do? New features or consolidation of existing ones? Sell it? How would you manage your users that can be very demanding? Who would you hire?

But most importantly how would you do it?

Honestly, I don’t know and it must be not an easy job to work there. I wonder if employees have support as if I remember correctly, some were harassed few months ago. I hope it’s better for them, now.

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I’d give everyone in support a pay boost.


Harassed by whom?

Harassing the support people in any business is pure stupidity. You don’t stand to get much help being a jerk…

Make the coffee i suspect :smile:


I’d see if I could have the day off tomorrow. But I don’t suppose that would go over well.

These folks do an outstanding job under some pretty difficult circumstances. I’d imagine major launches are pretty stressful.

I would reverse the decision to remove offline functionality.

I’m a long-time InfoSec person. Probably a bit of that :slight_smile: