What's a good option for a small streamer that isn't Raspberry Pi based?

Looking for suggestions to power my bedside Shiit stack if I can’t get my raspberry pi working.


Auralic Aries Mini

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If you’re looking for something plug and play the Sonicorbiter SE is $200 cheaper if you don’t want the DAC and analog outputs of the Aries Mini.


Tried the sonicorbiter, not impressed, but a good suggestion nonetheless given the constraints. Thanks.

Bluesound Node 2, or an iPad used as an endpoint if you can connect it to the Schiit DAC.

I was going to try either an android or iphone, but as a temporary solution. I’d like something dedicated from a software perspective, but still a great idea in regards to troubleshooting.


Allo’s USB Bridge - about £140 with the stock power supply. Or their Digione if the Schiit doesn’t have USB.

I recently got the USB Bridge for my main system (Meridian Exp 2, Ayre, Harbeth) and it sounds really good - beats the Pi 3 I was using hands down.

What’s wrong with your Pi?

These products look very cool but I assume run Linux like RPi does, correct?

after doing all the OS update and apt get upgrade/update and activating wifi and bluetooth, and finally renewing Roonbridge, my RPi will only intermittently show up on Roon as a ready endpoint. It’s a wifi connection issue, I’m sure of it at this point. So, I’m trying some different ethernet solutions, Will keep you posted.


Yes, my USBridge is running Diet Pi with a GUI developed by Allo to make it easy for relative newbies like me. Setup.was fairly simple, would have been more so had I read the manual before starting :kissing_closed_eyes:. I should add that I am using ethernet. You need to buy a separate dongle for WiFi.

It replaced an RPi3 and sounds a lot better; well worth the £140 cost.


I use a microRendu in my main system and an Allo DigiOne in the second. Very pleased with both.

The DigiOne sits on top of a Pi 3 running Ropieee connected by Ethernet and provides a very low noise and low jitter output. I take the BNC Output through a BNC/AES converter into an Auralic Vega. The Core upsamples everything to 192 kHz and I can use the Exact clock in the Vega without any hiccups.

The netgear PowerLine product is now working seamlessly and I’m getting lossless playback.

Thanks you guys! Philosophically and financially already a lifelong customer! :slight_smile:

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