What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

That’s not helpful for anyone that wants to buy a new Nuc as they don’t work at all with the latest generation due to RoonOS only working with legacy boot mode.

Maybe it can roll out only to new UEFI boot devices first and have a separate Option to upgrade current user’s (or not) as and when they want to.

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Or extra features and functionality are more important, depends on one’s point of view.

A working system, please.

I Know you have just been through a painful experience, but I do not see Roon pushing this out to current user’s like a Roon update.

But then again I could well be wrong :see_no_evil:

It also contains bugs - the CD Ripping function doesn’t work properly.

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Based on recent leveldb “discussions” I’m adding “more reliable data storage”

In ROON OS 2.0 please deploy it with a reliable filesystem like ZFS or even Btrfs. Or, at least, use some of the more robust ext4 options like checksums and block journaling.


@danny It’s funny, I know this is now likely well down the tracks and you don’t need any more input, but I found myself thinking about it a bunch.

I think if it does:

  • UEFI
  • more machine/os stats on web ui

I’ll be really quite happy. I’d put in a vote for “alerting on hardware issues or system instability” as well, so basically the push version of “more machine/os stats”.


@danny any news? I am waiting for UEFI support


Yes, yes,yes!

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I would like to see chromecast ui on hdmi and power over ethernet POE or HDMI CEC

Wouldn’t this apply to the hardware and not the OS? Just asking.

we are almost a year in and still no inkling as to when this new OS2.0 might surface.


Yes I keep checking back here as still without roon as broken nuc and not easy to find an older one :frowning:

Any number of GEN8s on Amazon. Here’s just one example.

GEN8 is the sweet spot. Anything above that to run ROCK is just overkill.

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I’m in the UK not US

Is it though? I’d go gen7 i7 for its bigger single core performance, better heat management and (if it matters to you) lower power requirements for a PSU.

I have no idea what most of these things mean but I love Roon and am glad I switched from Sooloos!


Plus, 7th gen actual can actually use the internal wifi.

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Yeah, but rarer than hen’s teeth, now.

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