What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

Yes I swapped my music hard drive in my NUC last week and even though I knew I should have done that, I didn’t and caused the added dates of the album’s to change.

Doesn’t matter how much you know :roll_eyes:

that’s actually how I learned the proper order to do things…I first restored the backup and then added the files, and all the date added were wrong. So I just restored the database again, pointed ROCK to the new music location. and everything went back to how it was

Yes I managed to do it right last time, but this time I had a brain fart. I was going to restore the database over again, but I didn’t bother in the end, as I only really lost some added dates.

My 2TB internal Music storage disk was almost full so I didn’t have to replace the internal M.2 SSD, just add a larger internal drive and resync the music.
I just forgot to stop Roon when it powered up. Good thing I do this for a living :roll_eyes:
I also moved the backups onto a dedicated external USB at the same time :grin:

For 2.0, I would love to see support for more than one hdd. Perhaps some basic RAID 0, 1, 0+1, or JBOD configurations.

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The upgrade started a rescan of my external USB drive , all 50 k tracks .Painful

Maybe i should have restored

RAID 0? What for, to double the likelihood of failure for an unnecessary speed gain? And I don’t see the point of RAID 1 either, it does not replace a backup.

Can you please explain the use case for this?
(Edit: Thinking about it, are there even NUCs that support such a hardware config?)

But generally I don’t understand why people want to overcomplicate Roon OS, this is not its purpose. All these features exist already for those who want them, in other OSes


If you want/need a RAID configuration for the music library, you are either looking at the hardware enclosure for the disks for DAS or the capabilities of a NAS and use Roon with networked storage.
This functionality is not the responsibility of the Roon Core.

Personally I use NAS with RAID1 as Primary, with daily backups to another RAID1 volume on a separate NAS unit and then periodic backups to a RAID0 volume in a USB enclosure. There is another annual backup on disks stored in firesafe boxes.

I want additional storage space. I run ROCK RoonOS on a server with 4 drives, but RoonOS can only see one of the drives. RAID 0 or JBOD would suit me, but I imagine others might utilize RAID 1, for the same reasons you would run RAID on a NAS (not as backup)

I’d even settle for Roon to see all 4 drives individually – but I prefer the simplicity of one logical volume.

Software RAID is responsibility of the OS. Both windows and Linux can do RAID – but I prefer the appliance like nature of RoonOS.

Another Idea for RoonOS: Option to install / run as a dedicated endpoint – i.e. RoonOS just running Roon Bridge. Similar to roopiee, but based on RoonOS.

I have an older NUC i could utilize this on.

But running ROCK on such a server is not a supported platform in the first place. Then it seems that your first feature request would be to expand the supported hardware of Roon OS from certain NUCs and Nucleus to server hardware. (Not going to happen)

Nope! It runs fine for the last 3 years – I’m not asking for official support for non NUC platforms, unofficially it works perfectly and I understand if it goes wrong I’m on my own.

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I run one of my ROCK installs solely as an endpoint.

What more do you want in this regard?

I understand that it works on many MOCKs, but generic hardware is not supported. It seems far fetched that they would implement features for an unsupported platform.

Yep, thats fine – but they asked for suggestions / input…

Better explanation from Danny here: ROCK on Hyper-V - #12 by danny

Yeah I missed that Danny already addressed this above

Hmm, not sure you realize that you can run ROCK as endpoint only right now and always could, but OK.

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RAID1 is for speed (read) and redundancy. Don’t confuse redundancy with backups and failure recovery. If it’s 5pm on a Friday and a disk crashes I want to deal with it the next day. Mirroring allows me to continue enjoying my Friday evening as I intended with some music. Consumers often don’t have redundancy options. RAID1 is a cheap way to get there.

LVM and simple volume pool management would actually be pretty nice. “You have two external drives of similar size. Do you want these mirrored before formatting?”


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+1 for more logging

  • temperature reading
  • cpu usage
  • ram usage
  • disk io
  • network speed

and maybe insight in the number of connected users - device - arc vs roon remote etc

Since a potential cause of a corrupted database is a power outage, an interface with a UPS to automatically shutdown in the case of a power outage would seem to be a necessary option…

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