What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

“Extraordinary claims”? … Check out the Roon home page, section “HIGHEST QUALITY AUDIO”.

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Calm down, folks!

Look, all I ask is that if someone is going to respond to something, they should have some knowledge about the subject they’re responding to. Which in this case is engineering management. No responsible manager will devote a dime to “improving” something unless there is a standard, repeatable, and impersonal way of measuring the the characteristic that’s being improved, in this case “SQ”. If you don’t know how to measure that, please don’t suggest improving it. If you don’t know what metrics to use, please don’t speak up. Doing so just decreases the signal/noise ratio of the forum, and makes everything harder to read.


Because you’re saying Roon OS doesn’t sound as good as other distributions. Without evidence or proof you are simply making an allegation that has little or no basis. Have you considered that your DAC or analogue system could be broken? Roon delivers a perfect digital signal, so what is missing?

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Basic security:

  • passcode/phrase on web interface
  • user / pass on SMB share

Enhanced logging / monitoring:

  • Be able to see / watch logs on a dashboard (like this https://grafana.com/static/assets/img/blog/6.4_logs_panel5.gif)
  • Monitor the things that impact performance like disk i/o, load, DB i/o, wait times, core utilization, etc.
  • Better logging messages.
    **Often the issue is logged incorrectly (DAC underrun is logged when its really a Tidal / Qobuz issue. No detailed DNS logs. No disk error logs. No network level stats. No system level logs. etc.)

Easier Installation:

  • OVA image
  • Docker image
  • Support virtual keyboards (so the existing images are not a PITA to launch in a VM)

Native VPN Tunneling

Bridge Only Version

  • A bridge only version that had good multichannel support over HDMI. There seems to be no clear path to get multichannel support in Roon from Roon Labs. This Bridge Only version should have very minimal HW requirement so we can run it on really cheap celeron Jxxxx cpus.

Run from RAMDisk:

  • For those of us who want to build a very large machine and risk it all… let us run the entire system (OS, DB, no music files) from a RAMDisk. I assume it’d be incredibly fast.

NUMA support, core steering (affinity), cpu pinning, something:

  • I think there are performance gains to be had by distributing incoming connections (remote, streams, etc.) intelligently across CPU cores. I don’t know enough about how threads are allocated in Roon but building-in support for something like processor affinity / cpu pinning at the network layer would boost performance. Just distributing CPU interrupts has a big impact on network performance. Some of this has a hardware requirement (and I have no idea which NuCs support this). Worth looking into though (maybe).



@jacobacci this is actually the first reason for a ROCK like version of Roon Bridge that I think has merit. I currently use Ropieee. I’m technically capable of installing a lean OS and then Roon Bridge but I prefer the convince. While Ropieee works well updates have never gone smoothly for me. Especially when I compare it to my ROCK which is now been running uninterrupted for 224 days. So I believe the community would welcome a ROCK like installer with just Roon Bridge. Making it for a single platform like RPI4 would be similar to how ROCK is made for a NUC. It may work OK on other hardware but it is not supported. I for one would immediately replace my Ropieee endpoint. The Roon ROCK remote should not support additional services. If people want those services they can elect to go with RopieeeXL. I think this also help make Roon sticky.

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+1 on this


One more thing Danny, a diagnostic tool would be veryhelpful when someone runs into trouble also.
Basically, a button on the web GUI that can list basic setup and provide a “support package” for uploading onot to the community.
Of course i wouldnt mind if it contained processing speeds, temperature and those metrics also but i was thinking more along the lines of processor, ram amount, storage locations, audio endpoints etc.


Ability to restrict access to the SMB share created by Rock with username/password

Yes, this use case has cropped up a couple of times in the forum just this past week - new Nucleus owners wondering why they can’t do this.

In addition to having a “Copy” button on the Web Administration page, might there also be a case to have a “Backup” button - to backup the internal storage to a USB drive?

Of course, making these foolproof so that Nucleus owners don’t overwrite internal storage with watched folders on an external drive or vice versa will prove an additional challenge.

  • more machine/os stats on web ui *

This would be a big plus for me.

  • extensions and sanctioned services *

Could be interesting but really depends on what they are.

  • UEFI support *

In this context the main benefit I can immediately see is to help new users build a ROCK. For some reason many people seem to struggle to find the Legacy setting in the BIOS. Otherwise unless you intend to support a multi-boot option at start up (why?) then can’t really see this being high priority unless it is really easy to do.

Couldn’t care less about HDMI, Chromecast already achieves everything that is needed.

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If by network bridging you mean the ability to connect to two LANs at the same time, yes please! My home network and is on, but the only local IPs I can connect to from my work machine when I’m connected to work over a VPN are in the 192.150.0/24 range. I currently have Roon running on my Synology (which has multiple network ports) and with two VLANs on my switch configured to make it work, but I’ve bought a NUC for Roon and would love to be able to use it instead.

you can do this with a ~$10 usb ethernet adapter, no?

And Roon OS can handle it? Excellent!

A BIOS update tool would be marvellous!


The more I think about this the more incredible it seems that this function hasn’t been included in Roon since Nucleus and ROCK was released.
Roon want us to backup our database regularly but without our music files what is the point of a database backup?

Nucleus is a turnkey product, set and forget (for the most part). If a Nucleus user who isn’t tech savvy at all has their music stored on an internal drive, and I would hazard a guess that there are many who want to keep everything simple in this way, and it fails then unless they actively make backups of their music files over the network, they are lost.

I think having the facility to backup music files should be added to ROON OS.


I suspect that most Nucleus owners have a collection of downloaded/ripped music files in advance of acquiring their Nucleii, and therefore they already have the necessary infrastructure (i.e. computers) and mostly the knowledge of what to do.

And then there will be a demographic of owners who use their Nucleus with streaming services only.

I wonder what the percentage is of Nucleus owners is that do not have any PCs or Macs, but only tablets and smartphones, and who want to get into downloading/ripping their collection?

Edit: and how would they do downloading without a computer? Please don’t say that that function has to be added into Roon OS 2.0 as well… :slightly_smiling_face:

I get what you are saying Geoff and I am sure that you are right but what about those that have been ripping their music collection to their Nucleus using the CD ripper function.

I am doing this more and more on my iPad, since Apple opened up iPadOS its very easy to purchase albums on sites such a zdigital and download them to the iPad. Then there are a couple of steps, that I personally find cumbersome before I copy them over the network to the music folder on my server.

True (and I’m in that group). I’ve got my Backup workaround sorted and in place, but I accept that not everyone is comfortable, or able, to do that. It’s just that I can’t help feeling that Copy/Backup on the Nucleus may bring a lot of extra work along with it to keep it simple from the user perspective. Anyway, it’s not my decision or thing to consider - that’s for Danny…

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That’s the crux of it I think.

Actually you have just reminded me that the last couple of albums I have purchased haven’t been added to my back up folder :smile: