What's going on with Allo? Can't Order Digione w/ Dietpi

I tried to order a Digione with a Dietpi card; it says out of stock. But: I can order with Volumio or Max2play. This seems odd.

Any alternatives here? Can I order with one of those OS’s and then install Ropieee? Is it difficult (noob). Or do I need Dietpi to be a Roon endpoint?


You can install RoonBridge on any Rpi Linux distro. And you’re free to change Rpi Linux distro (as long as you use one which has kernel support for your Allo card). If Allo has run out of microSD cards with DietPi burned onto it, you can always burn one yourself.

@Jacques_Distler Thank you! So I’m clear, I can just burn Dietpi on any SD card say 16 gb or smaller? Is there anything in particular I need to have on it for the Allo hardware? Thanks again!

A 16GB microSD card should be fine.

I think you want the DietPi image with the Allo GUI. That should have everything you need.

@Jacques_Distler Understood, except it’s out of stock with Dietpi/Allo GUI. So, wondering if I can use Ropieee or Dietpi on their own.

Burn your own.

Sorry. While they used to offer an image with the Allo GUI pre-installed, that no longer appears to be the case.

@Jacques_Distler Right, thanks. Hopefully it comes back into stock soon.

Ropieee is highly recommended

Grrr. No. I mean the developer is no longer packaging the Allo GUI with the DietPi image. It’s a separate install.

This has nothing to do with Allo’s e-commerce website.

@wizardofoz can I just install ropieee from a download and then use instead of the sd card that comes with the digione ?

Allo pm’d me on Facebook and said that they have Rpi4’s with dietpi/web interface. Will that work as well/better? Are there any differences to be aware of?

Thanks again!!!