What's happened to equivalencing?

Roon equivalencing was never great but I don’t remember it being as bad as recently. There are so many duplicate artists and composers. This is not an isolated example and it is not restricted to Classical although that is where it is most obvious. Here Sergey Rachmaninov is not being equivalenced with his most basic equivalent Sergei Rachmaninov.

This problem is everywhere, not just Classical. I do not remember roon making such basic equivalencing errors. What happened in the last release?

Hi @Tony_Casey — Things are looking okay on our end for this album. Can you take a look at your Composer tags here? What do they show?

Hi @dylan. I don’t think I explained my self very well. I am seeing a lot of examples were roon is duplicating artists / composers from multiple data sources and not equivalencing them.

This is a different example where roon has a single composer (Sergey Rachmaninov) but is not equivalencing it to a common spelling variation in my files (Sergei Rachmaninov). This is what is leading to the duplicate.

Does roon not equivalence roon artist/composers and file artist/composers? This is just an example. I am going through the process of re-importing a largish library and I am seeing similar equivalencing issues very regularly. I do not recall there being so many equivalencing issues beween roon & file in the past.