What's happening with the data on the home screen?

In the home page of 1.8 (build 783) there are so many errors. Sorry if something has already been reported.

  1. the composer count:

    it’s wrong… as these are only the classical composers.

and also the artists count has an error

  1. The played list is wrong

    in fact, I did not played those albums. they came out randomly (via random radio extension), and immediately skipped them. The playing count for the corresponding tracks have not changed. they have not been played. not 1 second.

  2. this error reflects also in the playing statistics:

    as i’ve said, I have not played a single minute of an album with placido domingo. but roon counts it as if i had played it completely. those statistics are wrong…
    (as an aside… my UI is in english… how it comes that is says “week of 15 marzo”, marzo=march??)

  3. your recent artists

    …i simply don’t get what this shoud correspond to. yes, yesterday i’ve listend to an album with M. Caballé. and? today i’ve listened to many others. where are they? if i click on “more” i can see some of them:

    but in a apparently random order… not chronological nor anything i can understand.

  4. genres for you

    OK: what does that mean? i really don’t understand what’s the logic and/or utility of this. anyway…

  5. Popular local radio

    i don’t listen to radio (any, hate them)… but why german and swiss radios? there must be at least a way to specify what “local” should be. to make some kind of logical choice or preference (as i’m in italy, maybe some italian radio).

Number 1 is by design: it is supposed to be just the Classical composers. There’s actually a visual pun by showing the C (for Classical) clef.

If you click on it, you will always go to the Composer browser, which will always show just the Classical composers. The link is hardwired to do this.

There must be a reason for this difference of 3 artists - I suspect a metadata issue somewhere in your system? The count is the same on my system.

how it comes that is says “week of 15 marzo”

“Marzo” is Spanish for March. Have you set a Spanish locale in your Windows/Mac settings? In my Windows PC, I have (UK) English set as the display language, but I have my Regional format set to Dutch - and so I see “Maart” (Dutch for March) there. Roon is using the underlying Regional format setting for dates and times.

but why german and swiss radios? there must be at least a way to specify what “local” should be.

I believe that Roon is using the Location determined by Windows/MacOS to determine what is meant by “Local”. If you don’t have this service enabled, that could possibly account for why you are getting nonsense results. I see Dutch stations with a few German ones thrown in, because I am close to the German border.


There are two aspects to the choices shown:

First, where are you? Roon uses geoip based on your IP address; if you type https://geoip.roonlabs.net/geoip/1/lookup you should see what Roon determines your location to be.

Secondly, you can adjust the radius of locality - in the Live Radio section, you should see a small globe icon, which, if you select it, enables you to choose a radius from 25miles to 500miles (I’m in UK, yours should be in km).

OK, thanks. the geoip is correct, in italy.
the result even with 250 km is still german and swiss stations.
maybe the reason is that there are not italian radios? setting the language “italian”, there are only a few…

or maybe they are all registered in Rome, that is more than 500km far away from my town…

You’re right, unfortunately. Italy is not as well represented as we would like - just 11 stations. Switzerland has over 70 and Germany about 400.

How far are you from Switzerland? How about Munich?

My guess is that you’re closer to Switzerland and Southern Germany than you are to where the Italian stations are located.

If you are looking for stations in Italian, or you think that would help your results, the filter exists.

If you would like northern Italian stations, we have a database to which users can contribute.

Why have radios linked to IP at all? In this globalized world, it is more than common to have people living in countries distinct from their native places.

As a Brazilian living in Switzerland, I have zero interest in Swiss or German radios and prefer to listen to radios I already know from Brazil.

Just make manual setting of a preferred radio country/area possible.

Hi @Geoff_Coupe
I understand that, it’s exactly what i’ve written.
But still… it’s an error.
So what if i did not have classical music at all? Zero Composers? I don’t think so.

yes. Marzo is italian. but “week of 15 marzo” is not. basically, i keep my OS (and Roon) language settings in english to avoid bad or ridiculous translations.
i don’t really mean this is important… it was an aside.

the others things in the post are important, though…


Looks like it’s translated, so it should be fixed in the next build.

It was a conscious design decision.

This decision went back and forth quite a bit internally and even between alpha/beta testers.

It was a no-brainer when we focused on the classical use case when it comes to composers. The trade-off was to require 2 clicks for non-classical composers. This created an inconsistency with that count, and we figured someone would complain, but it would be a tiny minority. On the flip side, the classical listeners, where composer is far more critical, would be much happier.

As a person living in New York, I have have a far greater interest in radio stations in the New York / NewJersey / Connecticut area. My wife on the other hand, listens to French stations because she, like you, are an expat.

Most of our users (and most people) are not expats. We found that they listened to local stations over random stations around the world.

thats what favorites are for.

Sure, that’s what one can do as an alternative approach - I just can’t understand why an option to manually define the preferred region cannot be set.

Because we didn’t code it that way.

We made a call to not add another configuration option that would rarely be used, when an alternative to the use case exists already.

I’d like a comment also on the statistics problems reported in the first post.