What's Needed to Set Up a Dedicated Streamer

I’m currently using Roon + Tidal + Qobuz + HDD from a older but well-spec’ed laptop, and streaming this to a couple of RPi-4Bs using RoPieee (I’ve also tried Audirvana, Silent Angel VitOS, and Volumio, and I am running a piCorePlayer/LMS/Squeezelite setup - I’m exploring).

I would like to completely off-load all the streaming from my laptop, which is a pretty busy daily-driver, to a dedicated set up. Just a box, sitting somewhere, all on it’s own, streaming media.

What do I need? What are the pieces and parts? And how does this get done as cost-effectively as possible. As I understand it, an RPi-4B isn’t enough to run a Roon Core?

I’ve looked at NAS and Intel iCore processor NUC options. I’ve perused inexpensive, used, small desktop computers.

Would just some Intel i3, i5, or i7 NUC - or equivalent - with an attached hard drive do it? Just install Roon Core on this, stream it to the RPis, and all is good to go?


Yep, you have it right. Buy a used NUC from somewhere to keep the cost down, or just get a cheap computer. How powerful it has to be depends on how much DSP you want to do.

I saw this a month ago, may still be available.

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If space and noise aren’t an issue, I use a big tower type desktop, as long as it has an SSD

CPU RAM depends on your library size mine is 6000 albums , i7, 16gb RAM

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