What's new in the next build

Any chance the the guys from Roon could give us a heads up on what to look out for in the next build and when it’s likely to be available?

I think this would be great. Even better would be an official list of “requests” or changes that have been agreed by the team for a future release :smiley:

That is a terrible idea, it would just lead to constant posts asking “When is xxxx going to be ready/released” The iOS thread is a perfect example, timelines have been laid out by the Roon team and people still want updates and to know when it will be released.


I think it would be the opposite - by having a list of features that the team have agreed will be included, users can stop asking after them as they know that they are being worked on. The list would not give dates, just added features or changes that are planned.

Roon is being updated faster than any other software I’ve owned, and the developers are much more responsive than most. So, why all the impatience?

Exactly, so many users here are very impatient.

@extracampine it would not be the opposite. Roon announced right from day one that they are updating the software for metadata editing and have mentioned it is very high on their list, yet you yourself have made posts asking when it is going to be ready. A list of announced features creates impatience and too many “when?”, posts.

Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one! I wouldn’t see the userbase questions about dates as impatience, but as enthusiasm. If nobody was that bothered about the software developing then that wouldn’t be great for Roon. Anyway, my suggestion was to have a list of features that have been agreed to be included, so people don’t have to keep requesting them or asking about them.


Much though I am as excited as the next person about what the roadmap is, I would strongly urge Roon not to release too much information publicly regarding new features as I have too often seen this becoming a noose that companies strangle themselves with, ending up with clients unnecessarily upset at the pace of development.

You can be enthusiastic and patient :wink:

I agree though that indifference would be much worse.

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I do not think we are impatient… The iOS version was announced as coming at launch, many months ago ,and there is no sign of it . I signed up on basis it would come soon. Net result is that I now hardly use Roon any more because most times I use iPad for everything - Tidal, Sooloos etc.

I can’t get excited about meta data idiosyncracies whilst we can’t get the basics.

May be I am cynical but I could imagine not the best cooperation from Apple given their new Music streaming , which by the way is a complete joke - worst on the market.

And the iOS app is not here yet, big deal, give them a break. If there was absolutely no way to use your ipad I would understand the frustration but there are many remote desktop client apps that can be used to make Roon function totally normal from a tablet. I use remote desktop client and it works exactly like my desktop, it probably has 99% of the functionality that the app will have.


The latest build is already a month old. Any idea when the new one is going to be released?



Best is not to show the roadmap in regard to what enhancments (new features) are in the pipeline. That will only lead to people being upset when x, y, z is delayed (ios anyone?).

What would be beneficial is to see some sort of a bug tracker. At least you would know that a bug is considerd a bug (not all bugs are actual bugs and for roon to fix) and will be fixed in one of the future releases.