What's New? or not

When I log on, I get an indication of the number of new posts but, when I click to view them, there is always one fewer than indicated. I noticed that general phenomenon when the indication was that there was only 1 new post but, in fact, I saw none.

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I have the exact same issue, it just started recently.

The Forum acts weird sometimes. Even more since Roon Labs created new categories.

Please read also (thread about different weirdnesses as noticed by different users):

May case with a spurious New(1) was back yesterday for several hours until it cleared itself automagically.

Note: Seems to be pretty useless to post forum related issues to this category as of lately. Last reaction of a Roon Labs staff member was on the thread about the new profile pic (flair) icons. But in general we don’t get any official reply (anymore).


“New” is broken again.


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I’m even up to New(2) right now. :unamused:
10 hours later and back to New(1) for the time being.

so there are a few things going on…

We upgraded to a pretty big update of Discourse software, and things have been slower to propagate than usual. This software seems to also have some bugs. I’m planning on a another update this weekend, as they’ve fixed some stuff already.

We’ve had numerous users over the years harass moderators and our staff. We even had 2 users here direct unsavory signups for physical mail and internet stuff to a staff member’s personal home address and email. One of our staff has a restraining order on a user here due to repeated harassment. Often, these people find creative ways to do these attacks, of which I’d not like to share.

We have some techniques to deal with these users, and are always experimenting. Shadow banning, slow banning, and error banning are 3 effective methods. Unfortunately, sometimes these techniques can cause a bit of havoc to the system’s stats gathering.

Some of these things you are noticing were happening before we started shadowbanning users, so its not all a result of that, but the problems are more consistent with the shadow bans.

I’m going to unlist this thread because I don’t want this to be super public info, in case the abusers are lurking. I ask you to take into consideration issues like these before you start posting names and specific situations that look like errors.

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